Remain Competitive and Compliant in the Marketplace with Educated Employees

You can only be as good as what you know, that is why training and awareness is critical if you are in the global marketplace. Whether you directly or indirectly involved, there is a level of awareness necessary for you to remain competitive and compliant in the marketplace. Trade Innovations offers specific targeted training to all levels of the organization. Senior leaders need to understand the risk and impact while your functional teams need to execute. Our focus is to deliver training and understanding to the teams on issues and topics they work through day in and day out. We provide conceptual overviews but dig deep to provide specific guidance and training applicable to your operations.

Trade Innovations provides Education and Training services for the following subjects:
  • International Trade Compliance Awareness

  • Import Basics

  • Export Basics

  • Watchlist Screening

  • Export Licensing under DOC, OFAC, and ITAR 

  • Free Trade Agreements

  • Antiboycott

  • Import Auditing

  • Export Auditing

  • IT Automation

  • Export Awareness for Sales

  • Export Awareness for Engineers

  • Export Awareness for Leadership/Manager

  • Export Awareness for Sourcing

  • Export Awareness for Manufacturing/Shop

  • Export Awareness for Shipping

  • EEI Filing

  • Import Awareness for Sales

  • Import Awareness for Engineers

  • Import Awareness for Leadership/Manager

  • Import Awareness for Sourcing

  • Import Awareness for Manufacturing/Shop/Quality

  • Import Awareness for Receiving

  • Import Awareness for Aftermarket