ITC Take 5- Shipping Compliance

Shipping Compliance

How ITC Applies

Every organization should conduct a final check of all order details, communications, and documentation prior to shipping. Shipping documents and correspondence are often times the ONLY indicator a domestic shipment is destined for export, or final stopgate to identify missing documentation.

Understand the Transaction

It is critical that the organization and shipping teams work together to understand the transaction completely. You should review & screen all parties to the transaction, documentation describing the item(s), ensure proper licenses are in place if applicable and the export filing is completed if applicable. Know and understand each leg of the transaction and WHO will have possession.


Make sure everyone is on the same page speaking the same language!

  • lncoterms
  • Ship to, Sold to, Consignee, Intermediate Consignee, End User
  • Commercial Invoice, Packing List, SLI, BOL, EEi Filing

Common Pitfalls

  • Lack of written process, procedures and ownership of ITC function at time of shipment
  • Uneducated shipping department/teams
  • NO RPL screening
  • Transactions at face value, not reviewed in detail