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Trade Compliance FAQ

Your company may be missing opportunities to introduce your product into new markets, collaborate with international talent, and source from competitive suppliers.  Trade Innovations is a partner, not a barrier.  We will look at your operations to determine if there are any areas posing risk to your bottom dollar and develop a plan that best mitigates that risk.  We know that regulations change rapidly, and we want to help you stay on track and on target with your goals and objectives.  We may even find business opportunities in a market you may not have considered!

It is not uncommon for domestic companies to believe they have zero international dealings.  Chances are you are indirectly tied to a global supply chain, employ Non-U.S. Citizens, or have considered opportunities abroad.  Trade Innovations can help you implement recordkeeping policies so you can confidently comply with customer requests like certificates of origin, Free Trade Agreement Certificates or challenge freight costs that may include duties you didn’t realize your supplier is passing along. 

Employing a Non-U.S. person is very common but there are policies and authorizations you may need to have in place to continue or offer employment.  You may be collaborating with Non-U.S. firms on technologies or services and if your products or technology is export controlled you will need an export authorization to do so. 

If you are considering a new market, Trade Innovations can help you assess the risk so your operations can determine if the opportunity is legal, fits your risk appetite, and train your existing resources to manage the relationship.

It is important to understand what your obligations to the sale or purchase and what you are required to supply or receive.  Unwarranted requests for documentation can be burdensome on you and your team which is why Trade Innovations can help you with one off or repeat transactional help for both import and export transactions.

Day to day operations can move along just fine until one day they don’t.  An unexpected inquiry from US Customs or an Export Enforcement agent can be unsettling and cost you a lot of money if not handled correctly.  Trade Innovations can help you understand what the agency is asking for and the most appropriate way to cooperate.  We have established relationships with legal teams who can help if and when necessary.

Absolutely!  Some companies do not warrant employing a full-time dedicated resource on site or they lack the expertise to do it right. This may be due to the fact they have little import/export risk or import/export volume but are still required to keep an eye on things and remain compliant. Trade Innovations can conduct and initial assessment, establish your program and either train your workforce or manage the program, whichever is the most beneficial for your company.  We will also provide your company with routine follow up to ensure you are on track to running an efficient Trade Compliance program or bring you up to speed on regulatory changes.

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Education and Training

Export Awareness- Fundamental Concepts Training

Join us for an exclusive small group session on export controls and how to navigate export control fundamentals. Seating is limited and tickets are sold via Eventbrite only.
If you are currently exporting or considering export growth, this 2 hour event is exactly where you need to start. We will cover fundamental topics and the 5 key concepts of export control without overwhelming you with regulations and legal jargon. This session will provide time for discussion and interaction related to your specific industry giving you a clear picture of how these scenarios apply to you. We will also provide strategies you can deploy right away to enhance your current due dilligence and compliance program

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