Trade Talks with Senator Bill Cassidy- 9/16/2020

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Listen up Louisiana- Bill Cassidy and the Louisiana District Export Council (LDEC), along with the U.S. Commercial Service New Orleans is hosting a Trade Talk on trade topics affecting Louisiana.

As you work to close out the year and plan ahead for 2021, I encourage you to be strategic and thoughtful. Trade is 100% doable with the right strategy and partnerships. Here are some advantages you may not have considered to #tradesmarternotharder.

👉 Stabilize your business- balance periods of high in-country demand with demand in a foreign market.
👉 High demand for your goods in developing markets where competitors are not present
👉 Most transactions are relatively low risk and high impact to your bottom dollar
👉 Access to foreign talent, resources, and technology

This event is FREE but pre-registration is required and can be accessed here.